Smile Big

Smiling's My Favorite

smiley-163510_1280Smiling’s My Favorite – Buddy the Elf.

I heard that it’s hard to smile big and feel down at the same time.  I think this concept comes from the book: The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz.

Smiling should be our favorite.
Too often people choose not to smile because they are afraid of being vulnerable.  It’s as if they keep their poker face on so no one sees their hand.  “Don’t let people get too close man!”  Huh? Why?  Fear of rejection might be one reason.  I think another reason could just be fatigue.  Many people are just trying to survive.  Honestly, I can’t really blame them.  I feel the same pressure to just make it through another day.
Yet, most of us would agree that a smiling person seems to be more approachable.  Have you ever enjoyed working with an angry salesperson?  My answer is always no.  I want the happy, upbeat, and smiling sales person to help me make my overpriced purchase.  When the frown gets turned upside down it puts everyone at ease.  With that said, we should smile for 2 reasons:
  1. Smiling makes us feel better.  Go ahead and smile really big right now.  How did that feel?  Great right?  Do you want to feel better every day?  Try smiling big in the mirror every day for one minute.  It’s gonna feel weird and it is weird.  But, you and I could use some smile therapy.  For the next week, before you hit the streets, fight the traffic, or enter your work zone, take 1 minute (every morning) to smile big in the mirror.  Notice how you feel after that.  Yeah…you may still feel tired.  But you just got weird in the mirror…it’s gonna be a great day!
  2. Smiling makes others feel better.  This should be our goal: to encourage every person we make eye contact with.  What if you work on the phone?  Smile with each call.  Act as if every person on the other end can see your smile.  It’s amazing how much people (on the phone) can tell if we’re smiling.  Remember, every human being is facing some kind of challenge in life. Get intentional and smile at everyone.  Your smile can lift their soul one notch.
Give yourself a one week trial.  Smile.  Everyday.  Every person.
Remember, this is just a trial.  Give yourself one week and see how it goes.  Did it really make a difference?  Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this.